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As with everything at Breakthrough to Success we are not just interested in only one aspect of creating. We come from a place of wanting to be a force for positive change, a force for good. Taking our lives into the realms of awakening, intention, inspiration and intuition.

My Intention

My intention is to share content that causes you to broaden your perception, expand your awareness and think differently about your life. I wish to see your idea of what's possible for you and your life, grow and expand in ways that feel really good to you.

With that in mind the videos below explore these themes and ideas and ask you to apply your insights not only to your business or creativity but to any area of your life where you might be facing challenges.

A Patter To What Triggers Us...

Video 1: Part of what I teach includes becoming aware perhaps even radically aware of our patterns, our emotional triggers and our body's reactions. The purpose? To allow us to see the subconscious programming that is running our lives 24/7.

When we become more aware of the embedded patterns that triggers us, we can become more responsive, less reactive to life, and more forgiving of ourselves when we mess up.

We can also see that our  unhelpful patterns are usually pointing us to something that we needed to learn or experience in order to grow into who we truly are and are meant to be.

Video 2: It's much easier to be aware of what we're thinking and why and if we're being triggered when we're safely ensconced in our happy place.

But can we do it when we're out in the public arena? Just placing our attention on what's going on within us even as we're engaged in the outer world.

You might be amazed at the endless judgements, rejections and sense of attack that the mind indulges in when we're out in the world.




What Does It Take To Create A Conscious Relationship With Life?

If we see ourselves as simply our conditioning (our memories, culture, identity and beliefs,) then we aren't always open to having a conscious relationship with life.

We have to be willing to be more fluid in our thinking and broader in our awareness. This may require a willingness to let go of the stories that no longer serve.



Empress Yve's Sales Funnels


Meet Yve's alter ego the Bajan Empress: 


In this video Empress Yve shares her unique, marvellous and very funny take on building your sales funnel and accepting the Kerching! (payment) in return. . 



What is your true intention for your business

Beyond the nuts and bolts of creating and running your business, what deeper intentions can you tap into that will inspire you and deepen your motivation?

How can you use those intentions to make daily actions towards building your business or developing your craft feel natural and effortless?

How does your business wish to express in the world and how can you be the facilitator and vessel for that unique expression?




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