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The Ungratefulness of Positivity-Focused Gratitude

Being Grateful Denotes Separation Let me say first, that being grateful in and of itself, denotes separation and delineation. You’re being grateful to something outside of yourself. Something that will reward you for your positive focus or chastise you in some way for a negative focus. But gratitude comes in many forms, though it’s usually…
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Video Inspiration As with everything at Create A Life You Love, I’m not just interested in only one aspect of creating. I come from a place of wanting to be a force for positive change, a force for good. Taking our lives into the realms of awakening, intention, inspiration and intuition. My Intention My intention…
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Being In Process

Being in Process A-B, left to right, up then down. These all imply process. The process of moving from one state/space to another. To be in process presumes you already know the end point – where you want to be. You certainly know your starting point – where you currently are.  But it’s the steps…
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Awakened Business ~ First Love Yourself

  In the world of Awakened Business self love is paramount. I know this because when working with clients I see how much a lack of self love in any area can block aligned and authentic business success. Take a client who does not know they are worthy just as they are, with no add-ons.…
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What is Your Truth in Business?

  Do you believe that everything has to be hard work? Do you think that if it isn’t done just this way, in this order, with this amount of tension or stress, then it’s not worth doing? Are you proud of yourself the harder you work, the more you run yourself into the ground? Does…
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Are You Stifling Your Creative Voice?

As a writer one of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that my fear of transparency generally doesn’t relate to myself. Usually it’s concerned with hurting those who are in my story by default. It can be one of the reasons why we as artists don’t share our message and personal journeys as powerfully as…
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