creativity can be applied to everything

Be Inspired, Be Creative…

An awakening being acts from intuition and inspiration. We remain inspired and open to our intuition by tapping into anything that energises us, gives us deeper insights, opens us up to greater possibilities, or expands our perception.

These inspirational words are a beautiful way to support you to remain centred in your heart, open to your creativity and tuned into your deepest wants, needs and desires.

Apply the messages not only to your personal relationships, but also to your creative expression, your spiritual journey and  the world of your business (if you are an entrepreneur, or wish to be.) See what ideas they unlock for you.

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new project awakened businessProject Design

Your why is the most powerful tool you have in an awakened business. Your why informs you, inspires you, guides you and gets you through the rough spots. That why gives you confidence and clarity and leads you to your natural next steps

Whether those next steps are about costing, price-setting, infrastructure, networking, marketing, selling or branding, it matters not. Your why, must of course, come from a deeper place. Surface intentions will not suffice in an awakened business. You are always called to align your intent with your vision as well as your offering or service.

Why are you designing or creating this thing? Who will it serve and why? How will they benefit and why? What experience will they gain from it and why? As you embrace your overarching why, for your business or your creations, then that greater why will fuel all of your subsequent decisions and actions. 





Being a visionary can apply to your business, your creativity, as well as to the rest of the world and the impact you wish to have on it.

When your ideas feel too far-fetched, implausible, not yet seen before, then you are dealing with visionary energy. Seeing beyond current concepts of what is possible in your field, visionaries are often derided and misunderstood.

Yet you are supported by visionary energy when you allow yourself to tap into your awareness, your inner knowing. When you are no longer willing to listen to the naysayers and possibility suppressors in your life, that is when you come into your own.

Opportunities arise and connections are made that allow your seemingly implausible vision and positive intentions, to take shape in the world of form.





Your Mind Stories Determine Your RealityMind Stories

You may not be aware that you are not your thoughts. You may believe that the flow of thoughts running through your mind that make up your mind stories are actually you! They're not. They are simply a collection of beliefs, memories, concepts and societal and familial conditionings that you believe.

So your mind stories fall into two categories: Those that encourage your growth and those that stifle it. Whatever category they're in, they have the same methodology - think and repeat. Which is why I call them scripts. Once your thoughts have been repeated enough times they become believed in. Once they are believed in they become your scripts, your stories, about life.

They then run on automatic pilot. In other words they start running you. This is why it is important to be aware of your mind stories and if they're serving your growth and goals and if they aren't. If they're not serving your growth then it is time to rewrite the script by creating new mind stories that honour you at the deepest levels.





Breakthrough to Success Biz Coaching for Entrepreneurs and CreativesCelebrate It All!

It's so easy to go into judgement when things aren't going your way. The self berating  thinking mindset gets unleashed in full flow. Yet any thought that is self berating is NOT helpful to you.

You may think you're being responsible by saying: 'This is what I did wrong. This is where I went wrong. This is how I need to do better.' These thoughts in and of themselves aren't wrong, but underneath them there is a subtext of:  'I did something wrong.' 

When you accept that all of your experiences teach you something and grow you in some way, then you also recognise this thing you call failure isn't failure at all. It's a way~shower, for sure and highlights what you haven't yet learned or understood.

What acceptance brings to the table is that your self-berating is recognised as unhelpful and doesn't get you where you want to go.




timeless truthTimeless Truth

What are you going through right now that you're struggling to accept as your reality? What block or obstacle are you facing that doesn't make any sense to you?

Thoughts of 'I thought I'd come further than that, transcended that, moved beyond that' may be raging inside. But why the frustration?

You have grown, you have moved, you have transcended, because life is about constant evolution. So even if it seems that things are stuck, blocked or stagnant, don't believe them. Life is forward movement.

Whatever's here in your experience, as familiar as it might seem, is trying to grow you, deepen you, enlighten you. It's asking you to make new choices where needed. Know that it's all for your greater good and perfect for your growth





We cannot deny when some aspect of who we're becoming and who we were, no longer match.  There is an inner tension that gnaws away at us, a constant feeling of something isn't right here.

When we take the time to explore that inner tension with honesty, then we may find that we're trying to hold onto something that no longer sits right with us. We're trying to cling on to a world view that no longer serves us.

When we don't address that inner conflict, things in our outer world that reflect that conflict, become more difficult to endure. The choice is ours in those moments to be willing to let go of the situation, person, or thing that we've outgrown.

Resisting that choice will only create even more inner tension and outer incongruence.




illusory obstacles

Illusory Obstacles

Fearlessness is experienced when you begin to see the truth of a situation. It is not defiant in its energy, it is calm and knowing. The experiencer of it has gone from uncertainty, to understanding, to knowing, in order to reach this place.

The state of fearlessness can clearly see the obstacle or challenge it faces, without fear stories attached. Because of this it can tap into its knowing that all is possible and all seeming blocks are an illusion.

Instead it sees what magnificent solution or truth, that block or obstacle is trying to conceal. It then focuses on that truth, that reality, walking towards it in total certainty. 

This certainty may have indeed been hard won, but once it is claimed, it super-fuels all thoughts and actions that affirm its truth.




bad days


We name things as good, bad, helpful or unhelpful. We do the same when it comes to challenges. Rather than viewing them as opportunities, we view them as setbacks sent to try us.

When you’re going through a time that feels really difficult or stressful the challenge is indeed there. Yet think of it as a challenge that asks: Can you see the opportunity here right now?

So for example when we’re feeling under pressure it can create the opportunity to look at our focus.  What is the focus of your actions and general mindset in relation to this challenging time? Can you see the possibilities available even in this midst of this challenge?




pursuit of desires


The pursuit of anything hints at never quite attaining. Embedded within the energy of pursuit is an idea of an endless chase.

We strive, force, push, do whatever it takes to create whatever it is we're in pursuit of. We're willing to work really hard to get to the end goal. Pursuit does not imply an end goal is achieved.

However, when you claim your desires. Claim them as yours energetically, expect them to reveal themselves in your experience in their best form and fit for you, aah, now that's an energy you can dive into.

All actions taken can then be magnetic in nature. You become naturally drawn to taking whatever actions best match the revealing of your desire in your experience.






Imagine that.... A total lack of inner disturbance... When all inner disturbances dissipate what is left is a peaceful joy.

That energy permeates the cells and tissues of the body, and they too feel that calmness, that vibrant stillness, within them.

The mind too relaxes as it recognises that its thoughts can only be 'about' this experience and it cannot quite explain the experience itself, it can only be in it, bathe in it, rest in it.

That lack of inner disturbance has an energy to it, a creative force, from which all ideas arise and can be realised from a state of effortlessness. Effortlessness is not non-action. Rather it is action infused with naturalness and ease. Focused or intense action may be required, but efforting is not...




Give yourself permission


To gift yourself with permission is a creative act. When you don't give yourself permission to receive something, achieve something, attain something, then there is always an incoherence in your energy.

To allow and give yourself permission to receive, means your thoughts, feelings and actions will be in balance. They are cohesive and coherent. They work together to create what feels right, good, beautiful to you.

What feels right, good, beautiful to you are your most heartfelt and unchanging needs and desires. These are rooted inside you as an anchor, a pointer to what will bring you most joy. Pay attention to them, take heed of them, and give yourself permission to honour them...