"I would describe my latest music as Digital Soul with a spiritual and small island, vibe." 


Making Music...

Music has always been an amazingly healing outlet for me. From my earliest years I was always singing or writing lyrics, skits or poetry. Even at secondary school singing and musical expression was one of the few ways I got the affirmation I needed.

As I grew and experienced major challenges in life, music again played its role. It allowed me to express my hurt and fear in cathartic ways. It caused me to grow into myself in order to know what it is I wanted to create and then allow myself to create it.

Even now, music is one of the ways I process heavy emotions. I get to give my love of creating, another outlet. Making music allows me to blend my love of words, music, singing and healing expression, into one creative whole. 

It literally gives a voice to the power within me and I feel blessed that I get to share this love relationship I have with music, with you.


Music: Womb of Life

This track is about trust and healing. When you have spent your life living in fear, or endlessly struggling on. That is, until you finally recognise that you're a child of the Womb of Life and it wants to do nothing but nurture you.

Until that recognition comes however, how you experience life can feel frustrating, painful and challenging. After it comes, you see that every experience was either trying to affirm you, or heal an unloving perception you had about yourself. The opening lyrics in the sample track below, fully affirms this moment of recognition.

"I cannot live, this life in the darkness. I cannot swim, through pain, everlasting. I am the child of the womb. I am the song of the womb. (Womb of life...)

It is not enough to affirm this truth however. What is needed is a willingness to see where you believe you are unworthy, unlovable, unloved and heal those misperceptions. If this is not seen, then we are just playing make believe, so that when Life wishes to bless us with bountiful things, we will reject that love  and those blessings. We will push away what would bring us the most nurturing and make our lives feel needlessly difficult.

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Music: Love, Ego, Heal

This track was inspired by the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono tradition of speaking with love to our inner wounds, healing them in the process. The words are: "I love you. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank you."

These words are used to bring healing balm to soothe those inner wounds and bring them back to wholeness. When we connect with those wounds with love and loving intention and embrace them as they are, then how they express changes. They now express the gifts that the wound had been hiding.

I felt inspired to give those powerful Ho'oponopono words my unique flavour in the chorus of the song.

The meaning behind the whole song, is that it is the 'True I' singing to the false ego. Letting it know that it understands that the ego was created to keep it locked into believing in its fears and limitations, but it is now time for the ego to let go of that old role, and instead embrace the truth of its being.

The purpose behind this approach is to speak with the 'ultimate inner wound,' the ego,  healing it fears, insecurities and conditionings until it too knows it is the 'True I.'


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Music: I Am

This track is about coming to the recognition that we are much more than just the body/mind. It speaks about birthing myself as My Self and emerging into a seeing that everything you thought you were does not remotely begin to do justice to who you actually are.

I found that when the song was first completed, it unlocked something in me. It's hard to say what that was, but it showed up as a refusal to play by any rules that did not feel honouring, nurturing, or true.

I could no longer pretend to fit into mainstream thinking. I could not waste my time on unfulfilling endeavours. I could not play small without feeling extremely uncomfortable within.

I'm sure I shocked those who knew me well. Because I began to express only what felt true. Even if that lead to uncomfortable conversations, or even a falling away of certain relationships.

Not because there was anything wrong with those individuals, but because I needed something deeper, something more authentic and they needed things to remain exactly as they were - which no longer worked for me. The 'I Am' energy was taking the lead and that was just fine.


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Music: The Integration

The Integration shares the story of the spiritual journey. The original waking up and seeing that the world lost in its stories of lack, competition and insecurity. Which then leads to the exploration of wisdom teachings, in order to find the answers you seek.

And if you're really serious about your path of awakening, you may find life allows many things to fall away, especially relationships - as you change and grow, or outgrow, the old paradigms. Then comes the recognition that you are not the persona, the story of yourself, you are in fact the very thing that sees that.

But even after the initial recognition there is often a falling back into old stories and attachments. Yet even this back and forth in awareness, is part of The Integration. The form, with the formless, humanness with the divine...

"Started with a whole lotta questions going on. Was hurting inside but I could see what's going wrong. A world that's crazy, with people hating on each other, though we've got the same red blood."


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More Music


Music: Soul Heavy

Soul Heavy - Even when the soul feels heavy, creativity can flow. In fact especially when the soul feels heavy our creativity can be heightened, because when the soul feels heavy you know something has to be expressed!

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Music: A Better Way

A Better Way speaks to how we act out when we are in fear mode. We lash out. We attack. We want others to hurt as we have been hurt. Yet this track say there's always a better way to work things out.

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Music: Rain on Me

Rain on Me is a track about a love that goes beyond even being unconditional. Love is the very definition of life itself. It's love that creates worlds, galaxies and universes. I ask this love to rain its blessings down upon me

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