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1-2-1 Clearing Sessions

Taking you on an inner journey that empowers you to find the answers already within you, without all the angst and drama. (Receive a 30% discount off your first session if you subscribe.)


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The Beginning:

Once upon a time there was a woman who was so tired of seeing the frustration and confusion in herself and others, that  she asked life for a way that she could be a catalyst for clarity and change. She was tired of playing out endless dramas again and again in her life with no seeming resolution. She was tired of watching those she loved suffer and repeat the same negative patterns that left them believing that life was not for them, but against them. She was tired of watching a world lost in its stories of lack and drama and 'crab in a barrel' syndrome.

As she reflected upon these feelings, she felt this call rise up from deep within her. That call came in the form of earnest questions:

How can I be of service?  

How can I contribute in some way to others and myself, not being lost in our stories of fear and lack and loneliness?

How can I support myself and others, to find the clarity we need, when we need it, to break through our stories of lack and confusion to our stories of abundance and clarity? How can I be a conduit for that?


The answers didn't come immediately. She felt no response to her burning questions straight away, But what did happen was that she started to feel guided to listen to this person, watch that video, read that book, go to that event etc. etc.

Then one day, a year or so, after, she felt this tremendous energetic force begin to appear in her energy field. This energy was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. It felt, great and strange and powerful. It felt neutral and disconnected from drama. It felt compelling, and she felt compelled.

She felt compelled to begin connecting with this energy actively and consciously. It guided her to create 5 videos one after the other and the first video was called 

"The Surrendering Energy." Otherwise known as Profound Love. (You can find a sample of that very first video below.)

This energy it said, had the power to search within the body to discover anything that did not know it was both profoundly loved and profoundly worthy of that love. This energy, had the capacity to meet that space that did not know it was worthy and through her dialoguing or connecting with that space, this enabled it to shift in its awareness, to grow in awareness, to reveal who it really was and what the true purpose of it believing in its unlovingness was.



That woman was me of course. And that  Profound Love first went to work in my life. Actively revealing where I was believing I was not lovable or worthy of goodness, of peace, of joy, of a joyful and nurturing experience of life. This energy highlighted all within me that did not believe it was worthy. It drew those feelings of unworthiness undoubtedly and unmistakeably, to my attention. That process, believe me, was not an easy one, but it was most definitely a necessary one.

That process not only began my own healing journey, it also revealed my capacity to speak with the parts of me that did not appear to know their innate worthiness and wisdom. And through that dialogue - combined with the energy of Profound Love and its component elements of:


Radical Forgiveness 

Radical Awareness 

Conscious Intention

and Undefendedness 


the true purpose and meaning of that inner misconception could be revealed.



And what was revealed, was the gift that lay hidden within those supposed feelings of stuckness, confusion, doubt, fear, uncertainty or unworthiness. Alongside insights into the true purpose of experiencing these feelings in their limited form.

This gift, refined over time, is the gift that I bring to you through these powerful clearing sessions. Together with Profound Love and its elements, I work with you, helping you to gain the clarity you seek. To understand not only the reason for your inner block, but also to discover the gift it has always contained to support you on your journey.

This offering is not a magic wand that makes your life feel blissful and without problems. What it is, is an opening of an inner door, that allows you to connect with your own innate wisdom and knowing, and allow that to guide you more effectively along your own unique path.


The Session:

During the clearing session we'll first dialogue around the presenting issue, where I will be deep listening to hear what may really be going on behind the scenes. Then I will actively connect with the energy of Profound Love and allow it to reveal where your inner block is, and then dialogue with it to reveal its purpose and allow you to begin to embrace its gifts.

Each session is a maximum of 60 minutes.

These clearing sessions are the way I get to offer you immediate support. And I trust that you will find the first session very helpful, but I find that it takes 2 - 3 sessions to really feel the shift you're seeking, where you solidify within you, the purpose of the block and how you can move through it and work with it to your advantage... (You can book additional one-off sessions, as needed.)





Sample of Clearing Dialogues


What if you could get the clarity you need right now? What if you could access the answers buried within you without all the angst and drama?

 "Working with Yve has been amazing. For years I had been struggling to find answers to why things were not happening or clicking into my life. I knew I had emotional blocks holding me back but I could not pinpoint where and what they were.

When I started speaking with Yve - she would pick up key points within the lines and say - ok we are going to shift this. Then I would be transported into this amazing space. At the end the results are phenomenal and my blocks gone. Working with Yve has been one of the best things in my life..."

Ambila Nath: Speaker, Healer, Intuitive


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This affordable gift is immeasurable and allows you to get the support and clarity you need to create a life in your image based on your heart's calling. (Receive a one-time offer of 30% Off your first session when you subscribe.)

Once you've paid for your session, you'll be directed to a form where you can enter your contact details and it also includes a short questionnaire that allows me to get an insight into the 'emotional weather' you're feeling around your block.

Once I've received your questionnaire I'll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange an agreeable date and time for our session, which will take place either over the phone, or via Skype or Zoom.



Free Consultation

If you're a little hesitant and would like to find out if my clearing sessions are right for you, you can also book a free consultation. If you're really struggling financially, there's also an option to pay in two instalments. Just connect to have a chat.