Free Consultation


Free Consultation

I want you to know right off the bat that I see assisting you to create a life you love, as a big part of what I'm here to do. I don't take our sessions lightly and that includes the Free 30 Minute Consultation.

We'll use our time together in the consultation to answer any questions you have about working with me and how I can best support you. We will also explore if there is a sense of connection, and ease of communication between us.

The best coaching relationships work because there is not only a match between your commitment to the process, your needs, your actions,  your expectations and the coach's ability, but also because you genuinely respect each other and both of you honour the power and potential of the coaching relationship. 

By the end of our Free 30 Minute Consultation we'll know if working with me is right for you at this time, or if it's just not right for you, right now.

In the form below let me know a little about why you felt drawn to reach out and find out more about working with me to create a life you love. I'll be in touch to arrange a time a date for your consultation.