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1-2-1 Clearing Sessions

Not everyone is able to commit to my ongoing support right now. Nonetheless, you may be feeling truly blocked or stuck in some area of your life.

One of my gifts is an ability to take you on an inner journey that empowers you to find the answers that are already within you, without imposing my or anyone else's views upon you.

My clearing sessions arose out of me recognising that you may require the kind of immediate support that these one off sessions offer without having to commit to my support longer term.

Perhaps you've got a great idea, but feel lost and/or scared to start, or maybe it's your personal, or work relationships, that are in turmoil. Maybe it's your spiritual journey that has you feeling totally blocked. 

Perhaps you're hoping to discover what you were put here to do that only you can do, or you just really need to get to the root of a particular block. My clearing sessions can really help you gain the insights and begin to see the shifts you're hoping for.

Each session is a maximum of 60 minutes.



What if you could get the clarity you need right now? What if you could access the answers buried within you without all the angst and drama?


Ambila Nath - Coach, Healer, Intuitive

 "Working with Yve has been amazing. For years I had been struggling to find answers to why things were not happening or clicking into my life. I knew I had emotional blocks holding me back but I could not pinpoint where and what they were.

When I started speaking with Yve - she would pick up key points within the lines and say - ok we are going to shift this. Then I would be transported into this amazing space. At the end the results are phenomenal and my blocks gone. Working with Yve has been one of the best things in my life..."

Ambila Nath: Coach, Healer, Intuitive


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This gift is immeasurable and allows you to get the support and clarity you need to create a life in your image based on your heart's calling.

To book your 1-2-1 block clearing session, make your payment and I will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a mutually agreeable date and time for our session.



Free Consultation

If you're a little hesitant and would like to find out if my clearing sessions are right for you, you can also book a free consultation.