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From Block to Flow



One of my clients a very talented and creative entrepreneur, struggled to create sustained and ongoing success as a result of feeling guilty about who she was when she was at her most powerful. Identifying and shifting the success blocks she had been carrying around led to her being invited to do a one-woman show and co-author essays and short stories published in respected anthologies.



Another already successful in her business, struggled with owning and claiming her powerful spiritual essence. To her going to the next level in her awakening meant that she subconsciously feared that she would become emotionally distant from those closest to her and from her clients. Seeing and embracing that success block, allowed her to bring the greater awareness - that had been wanting to come through and express itself powerfully, both in her business and in deepening her personal relationships.


 Coaching Excerpts


Whether it's the Visionary Intro or the 3 Month Deep Dive, the Breakthroughs you see, will activate your potential and shift you towards a real-time experience. By identifying and shifting your inner and outer blocks, you then get to take inspired, rather than fear-based actions, that lead you to authentic success.


Option 1: Six Week Visionary Startup


Inspired Goal Setting - Turning dreams into practical action steps and building your path to success using inspiration to naturally increase your personal accountability levels

Optimised Strategies - Identifying, exploring and implementing the strategies that both come naturally to you and that you most resonate with

Identifying Your Prominent Success Block - Discovering and shifting the most impacting success block that is holding your personal, spiritual, business or creative goals, back

Success Building Brainstorming Sessions - Dynamic Brainstorming sessions that not only inspire you, but allow you to build a clearer vision for your life

Creating, Utilising, or Updating A Visionary Plan  - Using visionary energy to build, clarify and inspire your next steps, as well as accessing insights from your success block to accelerate your growth. 



Option 2: Three Month Deep Dive


Dynamic Strategy Building Sessions - Enthusing you, bringing action-inspiring clarity, and increasing both your self awareness and your personal accountability levels.

Improving Your Intuitive Abilities - Using Visioning Techniques that not only support you to take inspired action but support you to tap into your intuitive abilities with greater ease.

Visionary Brainstorming - Zooming into the vision for key areas of your life to look at specific strategies or areas of concern. Zooming out and painting a visionary canvas for your life

Utilising Identified Success Blocks - Plan and implement your next steps by incorporating the insights and gifts that were hidden behind your success blocks

Creating Your Life in Your Image - Clarifying what success looks like for you when based on your deepest core values. Using your passions, talents, gifts, products, services or creative expression as a way to enhance your life and expand your growth. 





"I have referred several people and will continue to do so because the results are tangible and swift. From the beginning things began shifting in ways that were out of the ordinary. I would describe this work as Transformational!" Cyndi Silva, Entrepreneur and Gene Keys Practitioner



Success Block Examples 1:


  • Feeling unworthy of success on your terms or in ways that feel joyful to you
  • Confusion and/or feelings of anxiety when making key decisions for your life
  • Strong feelings of apathy just as you're on the verge of a breakthrough
  • Stifled creative expression ~ if you are an artist or creative
  • Repetitive illnesses or periodic depressions that flare up as you begin to thrive


Block Resolutions


  • A natural feeling of success based on knowing your innate worthiness
  • Clarity about why you're making those key decisions and implementing them in ways that feel good to you
  • Being able to recognise when you're about to 'upgrade' and feeling excited about it
  • Knowing that you are a vehicle for creativity to flow, and embracing that truth, fully
  • Awareness of mental and bodily reactions to success that you now get to manage consciously


One Client who had been struggling to get clients for a while, had 3 people approach her wanting to work with her by session 3 of the course. The clarity gained by connecting with the success block that was causing her to doubt her worth shifted how she viewed herself and her work and allowed that outer shift.



Success Block Examples 2:


  • Experiencing endless setbacks or dramas that demand your attention and distil your positive focus
  • Sabotaging your personal or business relationships or joint venture goals
  • Denial of your gifts and/or talents even when you receive positive feedback
  • Doubting your inner guidance, gut feelings or intuition for fear of disappointment
  • Fear of stepping onto a bigger platform or a bigger stage even when you feel like it's your next step


Block Resolutions


  • Seeing the drama and finding resolutions that allow it to be resolved effectively with practical steps
  • Re-build or deepen relationships, work with those you really resonate with 
  • No longer second guessing your gifts and talents. Creating art, products or services that show them off
  • Accepting that no guidance is always 100% accurate and building trust through results
  • Allowing your goals and reach to grow, with you naturally ready for the next stage


Breakthrough to Success Course Format:

The course consists of 2 coaching sessions per week. The main session for the week, covering the specific topic of that week and a second session that allows us to look at any challenges, breakthroughs or shifts that have occurred in the days between sessions.

Where necessary, I will perform an energy clearing during the session, addressing where you may feel particularly stuck. This approach allows me to provide you with support that really sees you through the tight spots, and celebrates every shift. This applies particularly to goals where you might be too close to see the breakthroughs that are just beginning to unfold. 



If this resonates...

Why not schedule a 30 minute chat to see if Breakthrough to Success is right for you?


"Yve, I am eternally grateful for having had the pleasure and the good fortune to work with you. I have come out of these several weeks with a new idea of my gift(s) and ready to move forward. Discovering the success blocks and how success can look for me has catapulted me into marvelous ways of thinking and being."  Miel Beck, Graphic Artist and Painter


Success Block Examples 3:


  • Belief that charging or charging more for what you do is wrong, or scared to ask for that raise or promotion
  • Finding the process of promoting yourself or selling, somehow icky, confusing and/or corrupt
  • A fear of being judged, rejected, exposed or abandoned when sharing your truth, or your gifts or services
  • Conflicted beliefs around taking certain actions - knowing it's needed but feel uncomfortable doing it
  • Know what you want to do but struggle with getting started or following through
  • Not knowing exactly what you want to do and want to finally, get clear


Block Resolutions


  • Knowing income generation is essential to your wellbeing, your relationships and your business
  • Selling or promotion allows you to share what's valuable about you, or your services
  • Confidence building as your truth, gifts, products or services are allowed to blossom 
  • Seeing strategic action taking as a simple building block that allows you to live a life you love
  • A clear plan of action with action steps that feel natural to you to take
  • A clear vision for why you want to create, what you want to create, and what you want to offer


If this resonates...

Why not schedule a 30 minute chat to see if Breakthrough to Success is right for you?




A client who had been working in jobs that didn't make use of their innate talents and gifts, went back to college and got her G.E.D and took a course in film production after feeling an increase in self love that wouldn't allow them to play small anymore. Their relationship with their family also showed a marked improvement...



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Breakthrough to Success Intro

Invest in Yourself Deep Dive

Breakthrough to Success Deep Dive

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