Being In Process


Being In Process

Being in Process

A-B, left to right, up then down. These all imply process. The process of moving from one state/space to another.

To be in process presumes you already know the end point - where you want to be. You certainly know your starting point - where you currently are. 

But it's the steps in between, where uncertainty lies that may often cause you to doubt the whole process. Yet those steps in between are where you will find the real juice!

The Steps To There

When we're dealing with our humanness the process of getting to 'there' isn't always straightforward. We can certainly map out our steps - the actions we need to take, the resources or tools we will need etc. but we cannot control the unforeseen bumps along the way. We cannot predict where we might be called to grow, or trust, or take a calculated risk, or even go beyond what we think is possible. Yet when we act with awareness, even those bumps in the road seem to require us to relax and see what's really going on. creatives and visionary entrepreneurs being in process is part of the game

Let's take the example of wanting to grow your business. You have a goal, a desire, a need even, to have a successful business. You have seen some growth in the business, but you know that you are not where you really want to be. Perhaps you have a set figure in mind on what your new annual turnover and profit will be. So you brainstorm, you do the necessary research, you come up with a strategy, you're very clear about your next steps.

But Then...

But then, life knocks you off course in some way. Maybe it is a family crisis, a relationship ending, a health issue, or a slump in the market that's seemingly outside of your control to address. Here you are plumb in the middle of the process of getting from A to B and somebody changed the parameters!


Now you don't know if you're up or down, or left or right! Yet awareness requires you to look at what's really going on:


  • Has your end goal changed?
  • Do you need to shift your focus?
  • What are you being asked to look at?
  • Where are you being called to grow?
  • What skillset might you have to develop?
  • Might your preferred outcome want to come in a different way?

Process is Movement

It is movement, change, development, growth. The exotic flower cannot control when it rains, but it can adapt to its environment and seek out moisture from surrounding sources. The sapling cannot control if some careless animal or person will tread upon it and bruise its vulnerable structure, but it can choose to keep growing, keep rising up, once the immediate threat has passed. The ancient cave cannot resist the wind and elements that carve out its structure, it can only go with the flow and be moulded by those elements. It sees that the outcome is beautiful anyway.

Therefore, being consciously in process, is being aware that there are times when you may have to  weather the storm, or keep rising up even when you feel lost or threatened in some way. You may have to look elsewhere for support or resources if your current resources are depleted. As long as you know that your end goal is in alignment with your own growth and how your business wishes to grow, then you also know that your end result is in the bag. 

How you get to that goal may change during the course of your process. How that goal shifts, expands and grows over time must also be taken into account. What you are required to learn, see or accept will also have to be explored. But it is in the process itself that these insights come. The starting point remains the same, the end goal can be predicted or desired, but the process must be honoured and surrendered to.

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