About Yve


About Yve


This life for me is  one where I am here to awaken from the dream of unworthiness, from the lie that says that what I truly love is not possible to create. 

It is a life where my purpose is to see through the fear thoughts, lodged in the fear mind. It is to explore where in my body I might be holding onto a pain, a story, a belief that does not serve.

It is  a life whose purpose is to create conscious connections. It is a life that loves to assist others who may have also become lost in the fear mind's stories. It is to support them to release the beliefs that hold them down, hold them back.

I allowed myself to experience the harshness of false beliefs, the lie of unlovability, the doubt of my worthiness, in order that I may see through their implausibility. I allowed my heart to lead me to what I was here to do, who it was I was here to serve, what it was I was here to create.

I followed the breadcrumbs. I remained steadfast on that path - yes even when the doubters came to pour water on the fire of my dreams. For I knew deep inside, that those doubters could only be a mirror for my own disbelieving. I weathered the storms, and drew on courage that was spirit-driven. I challenged vociferously whenever I encountered the lie of the false self speaking through me or others.

I have embraced my role of truth seeker and truth speaker. And for me truth is that which is universal to us all. It never changes, it remains the same throughout eons and millennia. And it is this truth that I point to when I connect with you. It is this truth that I hold in my heart when I work with you. It is this truth that tells me again, and again that:

We are here to go beyond our limiting beliefs, our doubts and our fears, in order to discover that which is unchanging within us.  We are called to discover what we love about life and connect with that.  We are called to discover what we love about ourselves and share that with the world. We are called to bring our essence to the world and imbue our actions, activities and intentions with that essential essence.

And this life has brought me to you, and you to me, so that we may not only co-create, but also fully embrace this life as one we truly love....


What Drew You Here?

You felt drawn here, because you tend to struggle to see the full extent of your unique gifts and talents or what you bring to the table of life. You may also struggle with honouring yourself, your creations, or your gifts.

 Your quest for an authentic and fulfilling life is calling to you incessantly, and you can no longer ignore the call. You may face success blocks around money, relationships, creativity or spirituality.

You tend to have conflicting beliefs around success and personal fulfilment, and struggle to validate your needs and desires as a result. You're truly ready to shift and are 'so over' dealing with your recurring patterns, that you are willing to do the work, as you  simultaneously receive my hands-on support to shift your inner and outer blocks.


Awakened Coaching

My focus in Create A Life You Love - Awakened Coaching, is to awaken you to your greatness and potential, and support you to see through your limiting stories to the limitless possibilities at your disposal. 

Because it's my passion to use my insights, talents and gifts to support you to create a life you love, I tend to attract people that really allow me to bring my skills, interests, talents and love of focused inner and outer exploration, into play.

Whether you want to dive deep with my Create A Life You Love Coaching Program, or purchase one of my Clearing Sessions, attend one of my Gatherings, talks, or workshops, or purchase my Music then I really look forward to connecting.

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Yve has an B.A. in Development Economics, a diploma in print, radio and web, journalism and is a life and spiritual coach. She is also a transformational speaker and workshop facilitator. She's highly creative and is a writer, poet and talented singer and songwriter too.



Life Changing Work


One of my clients a very talent and creative entrepreneur struggled to create sustained and ongoing success as a result of feeling guilty about who she was when she was at her most powerful. Identifying and shifting the success blocks she had been carrying around led to her being invited to do a one-woman show and co-author essays and short stories published in respected anthologies.

Another, struggled with owning and claiming her powerful spiritual essence. To her going to the next level in her awakening meant that she subconsciously feared that she would become emotionally distant from those closest to her and from her clients. Seeing and embracing that success block, allowed her to bring the greater awareness - that had been wanting to come through and express itself powerfully, in her life and deepen her personal relationships.


One client found a new income opportunity that she didn't believe could unfold so effortlessly and had 2 commissions lined up with ideas for more coming all the time. As she saw that what she thought was her being 'surrendered' was actually a protective-passivity based on her deep-rooted fear of not being understood.

Another was guided to return to her work as a painter and artist, the guidance came through so strongly and clearly she was moved to tears. This led to her seeing new ideas for landscaping based on her prints and canvases as well as reconnecting her with her love of creating art.


Next Steps...

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