A Bigger Vision


A Bigger Vision

What is your vision? Are you a visionary when it comes to business? And by vision it doesn't have to necessarily mean the size of your business, or even its reach and impact. No, vision in this sense means a greater purpose, a broader message, a bigger expectation, a broader perspective. Though this of course includes those who do have a large vision for their business.

You need a broader perspective to see the possibilities for you and your business. You need to be willing to step away from simply tried and tested methods and ask instead: "What is possible here?  How do those possibilities feel to me? Do they resonate with me? Do they excite me?"

It is that combination of vision and excitement that allows new possibilities to unfold. It allows you to perceive and see a greater vista both for you and your business. It may be a global vision that you hope will impact the world in positive ways, or it might be a local vision that impacts your community positively. It might be a family vision that allows you to support and empower your children, or grandchildren to be more of themselves.

The beautiful thing about your vision is, that it will always tend to impact others in some way. You get to choose if you will impact other positively or negatively. Standing back and gaining a broader perspective mean tuning into your broader awareness. That awareness has access to permutations and connections that you in your every day mind can't imagine. It sees what you cannot always see, from where you are.

So ask with curiosity: "What is the greatest possible vision for my business currently? Be willing to allow that answer to change and evolve over time. The particulars of your vision may change, but the overarching vision will remain the same. In my case for example my overarching vision is to uplift, empower and inspire others through the use of my gifts, passions and talents.

When that vision is applied to my business, how I create and what I create, is infused with that energy, that purpose and that intention. So too, your vision will show up in your business based on your overarching vision. 

A bigger vision - breakthrough to success for creatives and entrepreneursThe other beautiful thing about having a vision for your business is that you can choose to zoom in and look at particulars, or zoom out and look at concepts and ideas and how they can be actualised. In this way your vision can be clarified and expand to include your short, medium and long term goals. You can plan your actions while staying open to other possibilities and potential outcomes. You can mitigate negative immediate impacts upon your business, because you have a long term view.

Spend time looking at your vision for your business. Be willing to be inspired. Be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Look for the juice - that place where  excitement, inspiration and vision meet - that will always be your next step, or your most lucrative direction. Whether that is lucrative financially, or lucrative connections that lead to more natural growth in your business.

Let your inner visionary shine through and shine an illuminating light on what is possible for you and for your business and then take the next steps that your broader vision inspired in you.


If you feel you would benefit from having a broader vision for your business and would like to take action from inspiration and excitement, then my Strategic Action Plan includes a visionary business plan that literally inspires you to take action. Find out more







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