Healing The Fear Blocks That Stop You Creating A Life You Love

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Create A Life You Love!


We often try to create a life we love without a willingness to let go of our limiting stories. Then we get frustrated, disheartened or surprised, when the goals we're trying to create, don't come to fruition. That's where I come in.

My role is to not only support you to gain clarity around your goals, but also to help you identify your limiting stories, beliefs and patterns, that are getting in the way of those goals.

I do this by combining healing energy work, focused awareness, inner exploration and powerful visioning techniques to support you to create a life you love! Book a free consultation to see how I can support you to create a life you love!




Do Any of These Examples Resonate With You?


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Perhaps it's your business life that you struggle with most. Maybe you have a great idea for a business, but don't really know where to start, or you're struggling with a particular aspect of business building or taking it to the next level.

Maybe you find charging for your services uncomfortable or struggle to create marketing that feels fully aligned with who you are. It could be that making the sales pitch and closing the sale, makes you feel really uncomfortable and you want to close the deal with elegance and ease.


Maybe you struggle to align your spiritual journey with the rest of your life. You may even be great in certain areas, but want to bring more depth and meaning to your life overall.

Maybe you work best when you tap into an inner calling or a larger vision or purpose

Maybe what wants to flow through you feels too 'woo-woo' for the world, so you deny your woo-wooness and try to fit in. That's just not working for you anymore.


Your creative expression may be the area that you're currently struggling with most. You're not letting what wants to be created, be created. It could be something artistic, or a product or service that needs you to tap into your intuition and trust your instincts

It could also be that you don't think you have a creative bone in your body and struggle to be creative. Yet you have something within you that says it is time to let that belief go. You just don't know how.



1-2-1 Clearing Sessions

None of the above apply to you, but you still need support to clear a specific block in a specific area of your life?




"Breakthrough to Success with Yve was truly awe inspiring. Yve has a very authentic way of connecting one in with their success blocks. The program allowed for a deepening of the clarity I have around my business's mission while furthering my knowing of what I am doing and why I am doing it.

This allowed more confidence, creativity and innovation to flow into my business activities and work with clients. Thank you, Yve for your ability to be fully present and hold the space for love, growth and deep healing."

Rebecca Kirson, Transformational Coach


Breakthrough To Success - Awakened Coaching

Combines inspired action taking with focused inner exploration and visionary techniques to help you clear the fear blocks keeping you from living a life you Love!



  "Working with Yve has been amazing. For years I had been struggling to find answers to why things were not happening or clicking into my life. I knew I had emotional blocks holding me back but I could not pinpoint where and what they were.

When I started speaking with Yve - she would pick up key points within the lines and say - ok we are going to shift this. Then I would be transported into this amazing space. At the end the results are phenomenal and my blocks gone. Working with Yve has been one of the best things in my life..."

Ambila Nath: Coach, Healer, Intuitive




My unique Inner Block Identification Technique, helps you discover the root cause of your feelings of fear, doubt, or overwhelm so we can embrace, then shift those blocks. One of the fascinating things clients tend to discover is, that those blocks have sincerely been trying to protect them all along...



Goals that inspire you to take action. Less identification with your fear thoughts. Expanding your comfort zone so your life begins to reflect your inner transformation.  Along with inner tools for transformation to help you shift in the areas you're struggling most and get measurable results that align with your deepest values.



Awakened Coaching is how I get to support you!

My gift is an ability to take you on an inner journey that  empowers you to find the answers that are already within you - rather than imposing my or anyone else's views upon you.

I also support your outer expression by helping you to clarify and take your next steps from an inspired place.  I work primarily with spiritual seekers who are also creatives, artists and conscious entrepreneurs.

You each have unique fear blocks that keep you from living a life you love. Whether that's in your personal, business, creative or spiritual life. 


I help you to create measurable, tangible results by identifying and shifting your inner and outer fear blocks. Those blocks can show up in many ways including: 

Stressful relationships, running yourself into the ground, feeling confusion and lack of clarity, procrastination, stress, self doubt, self-sabotage or feelings of guilt, unworthiness, or shame - especially when it comes to creating, marketing, selling and charging for your unique gifts, talents and services, or asking for even more from your life. 

How ever they are showing up for you, know that there is something you can do about it. There is a reason for it. You're not wrong, bad, or inadequate. You are just in need of a real breakthrough, real support that works for you!



"I have already referred several people and will continue to do so because the results are tangible and swift. From the very beginning things began shifting in ways that were out of the ordinary.

My business has taken on a new direction that is fresh and exciting and continues to delight me with compounding coincidental occurrences, leading to an unknown yet trusted level of visibility and success.

Thank you YVE for being the witness and championing me through the tight spots with your Penetrating Love, Wisdom and Intuitive Grand Slams!"

Cyndi Silva, Entrepreneur and Gene Key Practitioner


Let me support you to identify and shift the inner and outer blocks you're experiencing - and let's face it they can be painful and disheartening to navigate - so that you can Create a Life you Love!

Why Not Schedule A Free 30 Minute Chat With Me To See How I Can Help You?




"It was an astounding experience to discover the success blocks, how they impacted me and stopped me moving forward.

I definitely got more than expected, more than I knew what to expect. It is always an experience working with Yve that without a doubt always produce shifts in my life. It is the means by which Yve does it that are both deep and uplifting."

Akila Richards, Author, Creativity Coach and Performance Artist



I'm always looking to connect and share the message of Awakened Living and clearing our fear blocks. So if you'd like to joint venture, invite me speak at your event, or on your podcast or radio show, then fill in your details below along with your query. I look forward to hearing from you!